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Your apps are identified as malware
Last Updated 8 years ago

We can assure you that we never use malware or viruses on our apps. Google doesn't allow such behavior and doesn't approve apps that contain viruses in their Play Store.
Some users reported that CM Security AppLock AntiVirus identified Image to Text App as malwareWe contacted the developers of CM Security AppLock AntiVirus to at least give us some details on why they consider our apps a malware. Surely, we did not get any reply from them nor any explanation.

So we decided to to test and scan our apps using the following apps:
None of them showed any results of any malware in our apps. This might be because they have updated their virus identification database and turned out that our apps are virus-free.

Check it yourself before using our apps:
We will show you how to check the files yourself and make sure that they don't contain any viruses.
  1. Download the APK file of any of our apps using this website: to your computer.
  2. This website will scan any file to identify viruses with 42 anti-malware engines. Visit the link, and select the APK file that you downloaded. The website will scan the file and instantly show you the result.

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