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Problem with Cropping Tool (error 1104)
Last Updated 5 years ago

This error means that the app could not find the photo on your device. It appears when you use the cropping tool. You must choose the default Android crop tool. Please refer to "How To Remove Default Apps In Android" then choose the default Android crop tool when the app asks you to choose a crop app. It probably has this icon if you are on Android 6 or later:


If you are still getting the same error, disable the cropping tool from the settings page. Here is how you do that:
  • From the app, click the upper left menu button.
  • Click "Settings".
  • Uncheck "Enable image cropping".
  • Click "Save".
Other possible solution:
  • Default crop app: you might need to change the default crop application. Please refer to the following post "How To Remove Default Apps In Android".
  • Always use the default Android crop tool. Do not use other apps.
  • Consider re-installing the app and clear the cache. Refer to this post to clear the cache.
  • Check your Internet connectivity. This app works best with WiFi connection and/or high speed Internet.
  • It is necessary to update your Android Operating System to its latest available version.

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