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Why do we show ads and have premium subscriptions
Last Updated 6 years ago

We want to offer you something for free that is not free for us. However, Image to Text Android app could not exist without ads and paying customers. We invested so much time, money and effort into this project.

In a perfect world, there would be no ads.

Here at HMA Labs, we’d love to provide a service to our users that is completely free of any advertisements at all; but that’s just not feasible. Unless we get an independently wealthy donor who is feeling altruistic enough to pay our bills, we need to recoup some of the server costs by displaying a few ads.

It’s not free for us to run Image to Text Android app

We have made a massive investment of time and money to create this product and continue to contribute resources to the project every single day. We believe that everyone has a right to use our service, so that’s why we allow free users to use the app with daily limitation.

We want to give our visitors a no-ad option.

We’re kicking around a few ideas to give our visitors an option to hide the ads on our app. So we decided to give the user the option to hide all ads with a low monthly subscription (or a one-time payment). In return, the subscribers will become premium users and have the ability to enjoy some additional awesome features and have priority email support. Plus, subscribers are going to be our supporters and partners :)

If you choose not to become a supporter, sorry buddy but have to show ads to help us cover server and other expense ( Why do you use servers?). In addition, it helps support the ongoing development of our super awesome app.

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