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Do you have a promo coupon?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Occasionally, we send out coupons to use the app for free especially to those who are in need. If you have a promo code and want to use it, please follow the steps bellow:
  1. Copy the code the has been provided yo you.
  2. Open up the Image to Text app.
  3. Click the menu by clicking the button on the top right corner (three dots).
  4. Choose Become premium.
  5. Click the bottom where it says "Are you looking for a one time payment? Click here"
  6. Google Play payments will show. Click the small arrow that is pointing downwards to choose your payment method then click Redeem.
  7. Paste your code in the next screen that appears and click the Redeem button.
  8. A confirmation dialog will prompt. Click "Add item".
  9. You are now a premium user. Enjoy!
If, for any reason, an error appears or the code does not work, please contact us using this contact form.

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