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    • Why does this app require internet connection?
      To ensure better results and accurate output, we use our powerful servers and state-of-the-art software to extract text from images. Such powerful ...
    • Refund Policy
      Before buying or subscribing to Image to Text subscription plan, please test the app. Although we are confident about the accuracy of our OCR app, it ...
    • How accurate is the OCR reading?
      The accuracy of text recognition depends on the quality of the image. An inaccurate reading may be caused by the following: Blurry images ...
    • How does Smart Correct work?
      This feature is only available for Premium users The Smart Correct feature detects and corrects spelling mistakes within Image to Text app. It can ...
    • Why do we show ads and have premium subscriptions
      We want to offer you something for free that is not free for us. However, Image to Text Android app could not exist without ads and paying customers. ...
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    • How to Download Videos from Instagram?
      With InstaLord, it's very easy to download Instagram photos and videos. Just follow these steps: Download and install InstaLord from the Google Play ...
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